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We have been thinking about the SEO and web design connection a lot recently at Bowler Hat and have just published. in modern seo-friendly website design. A great starting point is Google’s.In the recent Google Marketing Live. more people are searching and viewing content on their handheld devices. Therefore, you have to optimize this content with a mobile-first approach. The basic.Google Mobile friendly testing tool. One of the testing methods they suggest (and that Maile says is the best way to test now) is to run individual URLs through Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing.Now that customer experience is becoming a much bigger factor in SEO, your site should not just. you can capture and track leads from your SEO efforts. Don’t know if your site is mobile-friendly?If you fail.. If you fail the driver knowledge test, you must wait 3 full calendar days before you are eligible to take it again on the fourth day. For example, if you fail the test on Tuesday, you are not eligible to retest until Saturday. If you fail the driver knowledge test 6 times within a 12-month period,Google implemented this algorithm in the manner so that it can reward mobile-friendly websites. It means if any website is not mobile-friendly, it may fail to perform well in Google’s search results. This brought a big change in website building. As a result, today everyone demands a fully responsive website.First of you all need to establish what aspects of your site aren’t meeting the criteria using the mobile-friendly test above, it may be just one of the things on the list or all of them Then you need to get in touch with the website person that set up and manages your site for you to find out what it will take to make it mobile-friendlyIf you have a website already, Google allows you to test whether or not your site is mobile friendly. Simply go to Mobile-friendly Test to check. If you’re looking to enhance your site in order to make it mobile friendly Mediaura has all the tools to get you there.

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