how i set up and layout my watercolor palette

I’ve been asked many times how I set up my watercolor palette. So, here you’s how I do it. First, I’ve begun to use my travel palette (that I take overseas to workshops) all of the time. It’s so much lighter and easier to pack! Pictured on the left are two choices. I have [.]Not only is this container the perfect size for an 18-color watercolor palette, but it’s also great for storing extra pans. Plus, it only cost a buck, is lightweight, compact, and highly portable. Pictured below is the original container alongside the repurposed palette filled with 18 schmincke full pans and my chosen watercolors.There are similar palettes by Schmincke and others available in various price ranges, full or empty. Designed to hold 12 half pans and a travel brush or pencil, they can have 14 squeezed in very easily, as you can see on the below. I set up this palette set up with 14 colours for my students who wish to go plein air painting.It’s a little larger than the palette I was using before, and I had to make a new sketchboard to accommodate the extra width. It came as a three row palette, but my husband trimmed a bit off the metal plate base so I could slide it up and squeeze in an additional row of half pans. I also changed my color layout.

This video,, can also be seen at a colour palette. up with a palette for your company, I’d suggest you hire a professional branding company. I’m going to walk over some of the steps I recently took when deciding on a.Arranging a Watercolor Palette Layout QUESTION: Hi Susie, I have a new palette with 32 wells and I don’t know where to start or h ow to arrange the paint in my new palette . Is there a formula or a map or a chart to help with adding colors?She and weekly guests, whether Martha Stewart, Marie Kondo, the Property Brothers or Nate Berkus, answer your decorating, design. color palette that you’ve already put together. You could also go.If you’re ready to get started and really get set up, here’s what you need: Palette. It’s a good idea to get a big palette with good-size paint wells. I use the Robert E Wood palette. I also have a small palette to travel with.. Basic Setup for Watercolor Painting. Setting up an Outdoor Easel.