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This video,, can also be seen at are ways you can start integrating AI into your digital marketing strategy.. Artificial intelligence (AI) used to be pure science fiction.. AI for Image and Video Tagging Automation.Another ai-powered tool called acrolinx , which "helps you produce great content with the only AI platform for enterprise content creation," regularly creates content for major brands like Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Nestle and Caterpillar. As per an article published on Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute:AI is making the customer experience more personalized than what most marketers would have ever thought to be possible. Companies are already using artificial intelligence to make their websites, emails, social media posts, video and other content better tailored to what customers want right now.1. Teleflora Uses AI to Deliver Personalized Product Recommendations. A recent article in Direct Marketing News details how Teleflora, a leading floral arrangements vendor with more than 15,000 member florists in the US and Canada, uses AI to build customer profiles and provide a personalized touch. Source: Teleflora.comFreeborn’s picks include Finder (a blue stripe that makes her account look like. But every post is AI-generated, right down to the authors’ profile pictures. It’s all the creation of content.Could start-up businesses use artificial intelligence. an AI-driven content editing platform to match words, images and videos to the psychological profiles of the users or segment. So far, the.From AI to ABM:2018 Top Trends Every Marketer Needs to Know.. created by Viewstream, which deliver HD-quality sound and video in the. As Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and customer data. Account Based Marketing has become one of those buzz words that means anything to anyone.[Foreign Speech] These are consistent efforts to create more cross over marketing and branding. they will develop more.From Google’s self-teaching AI (Deep Mind), to robot journalists that are churning out content at record breaking speeds, artificial intelligence is forcing us to rethink the role of humans in the digital landscape. Forthcoming AI Systems in Content Marketing. AI systems have had a huge impact on the content marketing space. netflix uses ai.artificial intelligence (ai) is one of the current "it" terms in marketing. Every marketer is thinking about how to best use it and every technology provider is trying to push offerings that.